Custom Research

The Challenge

Microsoft Dynamics ISVs build products and sales strategies around their best perception of their audience: Dynamics customer and the VAR Partners who support those customers.   ISVs must gather facts and evidence wherever they can find it – from Microsoft’s partner relations group, from their existing customers and prospects, from discussions with VARs, or with outside analyst reports. Regardless of methodology, this research requires the ISVs to devote ongoing significant resources to ensure timely, pertinent and reliable input to these strategies.

To further complicate matters, an ISV’s unique offering often attempts to push the boundaries of what is currently available in the marketplace.  VARs, analysts, or Microsoft itself may not be the best advisors on strategic next steps, since their judgment may be clouded by the existence of competing products, their prejudices, and other such factors.

The Opportunity offers a new window into the views of Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners.   Working with our editorial staff and expert enterprise software analysts, ISVs can develop finely tuned research studies designed to reveal intelligence that cannot be gathered anywhere else.  

Using surveys, interviews, and detailed reporting,’s research programs present to targeted segments of their membership the questions that will give an ISV an edge in competitive markets.  These are questions and topics that ISVs wished they could discuss candidly like software spending plans, market perception, implementation outlook, capital investment, users, and more.    

Just as no two ISVs offer exactly the same value proposition with their solutions, no two research projects have the exact same goals.  Different starting points, different questions, different angles, and different expectations make our Strategic Research Program a unique, premium offering that is within the reach of Dynamics ISVs looking to gain an upper hand in ultra-competitive markets.

The Benefits

Our researchers conduct primary research and then integrate and analyze the raw data, producing a final report with actionable intelligence based in observed fact.   Final findings and results reflect a clear approach grounded in the latest research techniques and based on strategically chosen questions.