Content Lead Generation Program

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The Content Lead Generation Program quickly puts your integrated content - white papers, customer case studies, product brochures, and demos - in front of your target prospects within the Dynamics community. This program's unique offering enables you to:

  • Fill up your sales pipeline every month with large numbers of highly qualified and targeted prospects who have actively researched your solutions on;
  • Gain 24-7 access to your very own lead collection portal, where you can:
    • Access full lead data as it is generated
    • Export all lead data directly into your own CRM system;
    • Configure alert emails for instant access to the leads you need to act on immediately like multiple downloads, key verticals, or specific product interests
    • Direct lead delivery to CRM or marketing automation systems (ask us for more details)
  • Push prospects to your posted content on via a full marketing campaign, including:
    • White paper push emails to the ideal segments of our membership;
    • Nurture campaigns to engage leads and generate multiple meaningful interactions;
    • Placement your content within premium sections on for greater exposure;
  • Utilize our editorial experts to help create tailored content titles and abstracts that maximize interest;
  • Customize many more features to align with your specific marketing strategy!