Webcast Series Sponsorships

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Get plugged in to the Microsoft Dynamics customers, prospects, and professionals who are most interested and engaged in the needs your
solution focuses on right now by sponsoring one our 2012 webcast series.

Our Targeted Webcast Series feature a diverse group of expert speakers sharing their insights with Microsoft Dynamics customers and professionals interested in the latest strategies and tools for specific verticals and business focus areas. As a sponsor, this program’s unique offering enables you to:

  • Align your brand with our non-promotional webcasts as we promote
    the events to tens of thousands of MSDynamicsWorld.com site
  • Collect the complete contact information of hundreds of focused registrants across multiple webcasts session.
  • Participate in a vendor shootout to conclude the webcast series

How It Works:

MSDynamicsWorld.com will promote a three-part webcast series to targeted segments of our reader base, including Microsoft Dynamics customers, prospects, and implementers. We'll use our own web site, email lists, and social
networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.

*Limited to only Four Sponsors Per Webcast Series!

Sponsors will be recognized in three primary ways:

  1. Sponsors will be listed (in alphabetical order) at the end of each webcast event description on MSDynamicsWorld.com, including a link back to the vendor's MSDynamicsWorld.com profile page
  2. Sponsors will be recognized on the introductory slide of each webcast with their logos
  3. A concluding "vendor shootout" session which will offer each sponsor a ten minute pre-recorded demonstration and/or presentation. The order of presentations will be chosen at random.

Each sponsor will receive the full contact information of all registered attendees for each session.