2013 Editorial Planning at MSDynamicsWorld.com

2012 has been MSDynamicsWorld.com's best year yet in terms of unique visitors, page views, and new reader signups, with each of those metrics up at least 30% compared to 2011. I attribute much of that to publishing more and better Microsoft Dynamics focused content from experts in the community than ever before. We at MSDW are thankful for the opportunity to work with so many driven and accomplished industry experts.

To help our contributing writers plan their own personal writing schedules for 2013 - and to hopefully encourage more participation - we have published our 2013 editorial calendar, laying out the major topics we plan to cover throughout the year.  I should mention some caveats with the editorial calendar.  Please keep these points in mind: 

  • This calendar is not exclusive or rigid.  We will post other types of articles that don't match a month's themes.  Contributors can still suggest article ideas at any time.  But preference will be given to topics that align to the calendar so they can be featured together, hopefully bringing more cohesiveness  to the site's content and making it easier to plan webcasts, article series, newsletters, educational opportunities for our readers, and new promotional opportunities for marketers looking to boost their visibility as thought leaders in a way that aligns well to our readers' interests and attention.
  • We will probably be adding more date-specific news events to this calendar like product releases (to the extent we know dates), Dynamics-related events, etc.
  • For any given topic on the calendar, we hope to find contributing writers who can explore it from different angles, including, but not limited to:
    • Technical perspective related to different Dynamics products
    • Functional perspective related to different Dynamics products
    • General IT and business strategy perspectives
    • Industry perspectives
    • Research and analysis

The calendar will offer up other interesting marketing, advertising, and lead generation opportunities for ISVs who align with any of these topics, and we'll talk about some of those in an upcoming blog post.  

So if you're interested in getting your ideas in front of our growing audience of Microsoft Dynamics users and professionals, review the 2013 editorial calendar and tell us how you can start sharing your expertise.

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