Coming This Fall: Live Webcasts. Strategic Thinking. Leading Experts. Fresh Ideas.

Starting September 5, we’re undertaking an exciting new initiative on – a series of live, highly focused expert webcasts on the strategic business topics that our readers care most about.

These webcasts will be different from our typical Decisions virtual events in a few important ways:

  1. These are live webcasts, as opposed to full-scale virtual events. This improves flexibility all around, making it easier for more Microsoft Dynamics users to attend the live sessions, as they are held throughout September, October, and November. Like Decisions, we will be recording sessions and making them available on-demand.
  2. The sessions focus on the most popular business needs and industries readers have told us they want to learn about. To make the coverage truly leading edge and strategic, the sessions are being led by experts who don’t ordinarily get exposure in the Dynamics community. As an independent news and information resource, we are committed to breaking out of the conventional thinking that sometimes creates an echo effect in different corners of the Microsoft Dynamics community. The array of analysts and other experts leading the webcasts will spark new ideas and illuminate important trends relevant to Dynamics users and professionals alike.
  3. Thousands of MSDW readers will have the opportunity to gather in a new and provocative venue that is independent and free to attend. We have our sponsors to thank for keeping it all free to our readers.

    Sponsors for these webcast series have no influence on session content other than the ones that are clearly noted, like the always-popular vendor shootouts and the exclusive limited-seat round table strategy sessions that sponsors will be hosting throughout the fall for our readers. We’ve never been more excited about a sponsorship opportunity than we are about these event series. To us they represent an important blend of benefits that would be difficult to match with any combination of marketing programs anywhere in the Dynamics universe. Contact us to learn more.

There are eight event series that will be running throughout the fall:

We’ve posted many sessions already, but there are still more to come. The September sessions include:

We hope you enjoy these free events throughout the fall from

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