Introducing User-Targeted Advertising

If you’ve ever talked to us about buying banner ads from us without any other marketing options, chances are you got a short speech in return explaining how we see ads as one small piece of a B2B marketer’s overall strategy to drive awareness, deliver a message, and generate targeted leads (yeah we know: blah blah blah).

Historically we have offered advertising options to match up with the content topics we host on So if you want to target a Microsoft Dynamics AX audience, we have zones on the site that will display your ad next to our AX content. Or NAV, CRM, GP, or SL. Or even one of our resource centers like BI, Document Management, or EDI.

But we have felt for a while that we could do better by our advertisers with more options to reach more targeted segments. After all, we are fortunate to know a lot about both our readers and our advertisers.

So we’ve developed a new ad offering – user-targeted ad zones that display pervasively throughout the site when the advertiser's business interest matches the reader’s business interest. So if our reader is interested in EDI, our new ad program will allow an advertiser to reach that user throughout the site, overriding any content-based ads.  For all other users, the other content-driven ads will remain in effect.

User-targeted ads are not a cure-all for online advertising. But they give ISV marketers one more concrete, measurable tool to make advertising investments more targeted, more accurate, and more efficient. Combine user-targeted ads with content-driven ads, and we believe now offers the most accurate mix of advertising impressions anywhere in the Dynamics ecosystem.

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