ISV Solutions – The Jewels in Microsoft Dynamics Strategy

Here's an excerpt from Microsoft consultant Raman Dhooria's latest column on

"With some careful positioning and planning, ISV partners can build successful networks with implementation partners and create successful global business models. I will suggest two important approaches for ISVs to consider.

First, ISVs should present modularity in their pricing so that the customers can pick and decide what they require. Modularity in pricing also caters to broader segments of their markets. Guess what Microsoft did to the ERP game? SAP and Oracle were only affordable by large Fortune 1000 organizations. They never took mid-market seriously until Microsoft entered the game by presenting a modular approach through BE (Business Essentials) and Advanced Management (AM) options. Today, ISV solutions like RF-SMART, the well-known mobile solution for managing supply chains on AX and NAV, are available in both workflow- and module-based pricing options that clearly target both small to large companies.

Second, ISVs should also make their solutions affordable with low starting points so customers see quick ROI. Pay-as-you-go models, most commonly seen today in cloud computing options, are the way forward. Microsoft is already spending billions on R&D investments around Cloud strategy. The thought process is clear. We are experiencing a serious change in buying behaviors - customers want solutions as a service and wish to pay for what they consume. Pay-as-you-go options are a must do for ISV companies to build future-proof solutions."

Check out the full article - do you have a different perspective?

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