A new look at real online marketing tactics for Microsoft Dynamics ISVs

In a new webcast on the state of online marketing for Microsoft Dynamics ISVs, our own Adam Berezin welcomed Scribe Software's Partner Marketing Director Heather Robinson and online marketing expert Marilou Barsam for a look at the media and messaging that go into reaching a targeted Dynamics audience with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

If you missed the live event, then check out the recording below to get the inside scoop on how successful marketers are delivering measurable results in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Listen in if you want to:

  • Learn 3 essentials for optimal campaign integration
  • Hear Scribe Software describe their strategy for content assets
  • Discover what the "buyer's stage" has to do with your content choices
  • Examine proven new ways to profile leads and plot their activity to higher ROI
  • Hear about the latest data on the online behavior of engaged Dynamics users and partners

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