Update: What You Need to Know About Hyper-Targeted Advertising

As an ISV in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, wouldn’t it be great to know that your brand and marketing messages were reaching the right audiences – and also avoiding the wrong ones? Wouldn’t it be great to have that strong sense of comfort in knowing that finally, yes finally, there was a way for you to stop paying for ineffective and expensive advertising programs that are seen by too many of the wrong people?

Exhale and relax. Hyper-targeted advertising is here, and once you try it, you’ll never look at online (or print) advertising the same way.

We launched hyper-targeted advertising last year to address a specific need: helping marketers place the right ads in front of specific segments of the Dynamics community every second of every day. In other words, we wanted to allow ISVs to deliver the most accurate messages for each specific audience they care about.

The results over the last several months have proved out the kind of benefits we expected from hyper-targeted advertising: somewhat fewer impressions because of the targeting, but more clicks. Most important, both the clicks and the impressions are of much higher quality than before because advertiser messages are being seen by only the group of Dynamics community members being targeted.

Hyper-targeted ads work by allowing our advertisers to define who should see their ads. For example, an ad could target Dynamics users in Manufacturing. Or readers interested in just Dynamics AX and invoice management. Or maybe all Dynamics ERP VARs. Whenever a reader logs in to MSDynamicsWorld.com, our advertising engine matches your criteria to the reader’s profile, allowing us to target them throughout the site.

User-targeted ads are not the be-all and end-all for online advertising. There is still a place for broader advertising messages, and we offer ads to reach the rest of our readers too, based on the context (automatically showing a CRM ad on a page with a CRM article) or the specific location (like the front page). In the end, our goal with this program, as with all our marketing offerings, is to give Dynamics ISVs the most focused marketing opportunities anywhere in the Dynamics community. We want to make advertising an incredibly targeted, measurable, and efficient experience. Combine user-targeted ads with traditional page-based ads, and we believe MSDynamicsWorld.com now offers the most effective mix of advertising impressions anywhere in the Dynamics ecosystem.

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