Who's Attending Our Microsoft Dynamics Fall 2012 Event Series?

We're several weeks into the MSDynamicsWorld.com Fall 2012 webcast calendar now and there are many more exciting weeks still to go.  We've had hundreds of attendees join this fall's events so far, and we thank them for taking time out of busy September schedules to be a part of it.  But who are these people?  

Here are a couple of Wordle clouds that should offer a better idea of who is attending MSDW events based on job title and industry.  These lists are not totally comprehensive through today's latest session, but the results are reflective of the overall trend.

Attendees by Job Title

Attendee Job Titles MSDynamicsWorld.com Webcasts

As you can see, there is major representation among attendees of managers, directors, principals - in other words, decision makers. These are individuals who make strategic big-picture determinations of where their companies are going. An important part of that decision making is setting the IT agenda, deciding which enterprise solutions to purchase, and developing priorities in terms of which projects deserve investment.

Attendees by Industry (Manufacturing Focused Events)

Attendee Industries MSDynamicsWorld.com Webcasts

As noted above, these industries were taken from a subset of events related most closely to Manufacturing and Distribution, thus the stronger focus there, but it is interesting to see how many others are represented to some degree.

If you haven't yet checked our full event lineup, please do.  And if you're interested to dive into these numbers further, we're always happy to talk data.  If you're a professional in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, the wide range of industries and horizontals we're covering - thanks to our expert presenters - will surely offer a valuable learning experience.  And before the winter comes, we expect to have reached thousands of our readers through these events.

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