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Every lead has a cost, but it’s not always easy to calculate. Leads have different price tags when they are acquired, and then that price can increase as they continue to be nurtured along through life with follow up calls, time with sales reps, and the like. And somewhere within that mix you should be able to render some fairly reasonable cost-per-lead numbers.

But what are those costs, exactly? The most common leads for Microsoft Dynamics ISVs that we talk to still come from one of two places – in-person conferences or pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google and the like. Both of these sources, while not exactly cutting edge these days, should make it easy to know your cost per lead. But we still see that quite often even the most basic cost calculations don’t emerge in a meaningful way.

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As an ISV, or any B2B organization for that matter, your sales pipeline is a living, breathing entity—almost like a baby. It must be fed, nurtured, carefully looked after, and it requires attention constantly. Marketing is the fuel that powers any sales pipeline, because it provides the constant flow of leads that sustain it. As a marketer, how often do you need to be focused on generating leads? The answer is always. May sound obvious to some, but for many others it may not.
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How more segmenting and targeting of our reader communications has resulted in the best lead generation performance ever for our clients
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If you’ve ever talked to us about buying banner ads from us without any other marketing options, chances are you got a short speech in return explaining how we see ads as one small piece of a B2B marketer’s overall strategy to drive awareness, deliver a message, and generate targeted leads (yeah we know: blah blah blah).

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We recently added an exciting new lead nurturing feature to the content lead program, and the early results have been both encouraging and fascinating to watch.

The goal of the new nurture capability is pretty straight forward: to boost our readers' engagement in your brand and improve the marketing qualification of leads generated on MSDW. If a marketer can see a progression of meaningful interactions with leads, they can bring them back to their sales teams with more confidence and clarity.

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In my last post on writing press releases, I mentioned my view that a good one will have three main elements in order to resonate with the press – a clear news announcement, a demonstration of thought leadership or expertise, and a human interest angle. These elements are not the basis for any particular writing style or format – I’m just trying to get at the thought process of your media target audience (and their audience as well).

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From a public relations standpoint, most press releases leave me wondering why the ISVs bothered. There is little or nothing that is newsworthy in the bulk of them. A minority of the releases contain at least a nugget of useful information, while even fewer have enough real content to catch the attention of the press or the public.
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As publishers of a technology information resource, we’re always curious where our community stands with regard to key shifts occurring in our space. One of the big developments in the last few years has been the explosion of interest in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities.
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If you’re a marketer in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and you’ve talked to us about your marketing investments, chances are you’ve heard us respond to whatever you've said with “Have you considered investing in more white papers?” Hopefully it was relevant to the conversation.  If not, apologies because we’re true believers and it’s hard to throw us off message.

I don’t consider myself an evangelist by nature. But when the evidence over several years is staring you in the face through dozens of Dynamics ISV marketing campaigns and even more raw data out of the database, it’s hard to reach any conclusion other than this: Dynamics ISVs generate more content marketing leads with white papers than with all other types of content combined.

Here’s some download data for a recent 6 month period on

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Let’s face it, as an ISV you can probably name a handful of companies whose solutions provide a similar function to yours. Your solution is good, but so are theirs and you are all targeting the same end-users and partners. So how do you position your company as unique in a world of fierce competition? Stop selling people on the features and functions of your solution and start selling them on your most valuable asset—your team and its unique experience.